🧘 Therapy for Leetcode Warriors
Balance Check
Whenever we get advice, we often take it in absolutes. Let's say I tell you that protein is good for your health. Will you start overdosing on protein? No, because you know there needs to be balance. Similarly, let's say I tell you - do 100 problems, don't focus on doing 1000 problems. Does that mean you should do 100 problems and stop? No, it just means that you should first focus on 100 problems and master those first. Then, you can start doing more problems. Balance. So keep in mind, when there's advice, there's potential to overdo it. Whenever someone gives you advice (including this site), consider your own unique situation. When I recommend something on this site, it's because I see a vast majority of people stressing out about something they shouldn't. However, it's possible you're not in that bucket.